Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here's something I'm working on just for fun, no where near finish yet.and..
This is my most recent finished illustration. Yes, the pink outline is kind of iffy. The person is a man, in a long mourning jacket. I figured the top hat and the time period would make it so that the long hair isn't too confusing gender-wise.

very helpful crits so far, thanks :)


Anonymous said...

cool, yeah id take out the pink outline, it really kills the dirty feel of the image. slso, im not sure if it is a man or a woman, wearing a dress but has rough manly looking hands and a top hat, I really like the drawing in here. good job on that one. cool use of color.

for the work in progress, you have a good composition working for you, and good range of values, but if the woman is ment to be a focal point I think her head gets lost in value, so maybe cast it into a darker shadow to keep shape with her body. or, just darken the hair shape to silhouette her face?

also, Im sure you ment for the arm holding the cig to be forshortened, but it just looks really short. maybe the hand should be bigger? cool stuff. post again when you get it finished.

Anonymous said...

about the 2nd piece. I think it reads as a man, the broad shoulders and the hands are enough for me to know its a man. the only thing that bugs me is the hand holding the suitcase, minor drawing issue.

Anonymous said...

i think most things have been mentioned already, but for the work in progress i'd just watch that place where the two fences (the one from what i assume are stairs, and the fence on the balcony) meet, on the left side of the image. The 2 seem to meet right at the edge of the picture plane.