Saturday, March 7, 2009

Landscape pastel

Landscape done in chalk pastels. I took a photo of it, so i could make corrections as needed. Any suggestions? Im also wondering what people's thoughts are on the composition. I'm trying new things out.

This is a photo of the piece, not a scan. But I figure you can get the gist of it.
8x10in ( 1h and 30mins)


Anonymous said...

cool, looks really nice. Id say you can push your lighter values, or maybe its just the unfinished parts that make the whole piece look dark.

composition wise, it looks like the rock is the center of attention as it has the most contrast is rendered a little more sharply than everything else, and is right in the middle, Id say crop it somehow to take the rock out of dead center.

maybe just crop off all of the unfinished left and bottom

looks great.

Anonymous said...

actually, now that i look at it, maybe if you just cropped the whole left unfinished, and a small part of the right side where the big dark shape

Ashly said...

I was hoping that the tree would pull the attention, thus balancing out the piece even tho the rock is in the very center. We're always told to not put things in the center,so this was my attempt to make it work. Thank you for the feedback. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions on how to make the piece work without cropping it possibly? For example, should I render the tree more? Im curious if a composition with something in the center can work. Ive seen a few masters do it (b/c naturally they're awesome).