Saturday, February 21, 2009

open assignment suggestions

I'm doing cool looking old dudes and a funky old school boom box for the open assignment from Pratt's class. I'm going bright and candy colored for this one but keeping in mind colors that work alright. Any suggestions for the colors I should use for the boom box and the shirts? [I'm gonna go with hints of lime green in the boom box to compliment the magenta]


Anonymous said...

I think a nice strong yellow would go good with the lime green, magenta, blue. And the whole mood you're going for.

Anonymous said...

Maybe even just yellow because it would be a basic cmy color scheme. but thats up to you. another suggestion would be to finish it before the crit date.

Keyla Valerio said...

ahahaha i'll have it done, i'm pretty excited for this piece :]
i did a color study i'm pretty happy with so it'll get done soon