Thursday, February 19, 2009

some stuff from last semester

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Anonymous said...

I really like looking at the first one with the guitar. The only thing I notice is that there is light and shadow on the hands, shirt, and pants of the guitar player, but no real light and dark areas defined on the lefgs and feet. also, there is no shadow coming from the right foot onto the chair or table. but, at firts glance I dont question it at all. cool colors and use of spray.

I thing the coice of colors for the second one was perfect. the one thing I notice is a small tangent where the bodies of the banjow and the guitar meet.

You made really cool clear shapes in the fishing one. I only wish that the horizon line would be changed a little more. I also really like how you played time with the sun going down and the technique.

Cool drawing and use of patern and paint in the portrait.

I like the ink washe drawing, dont know what else to say about it.

the last one is really cool too. It might have been cool to have her hair flowing on and off the page to create some cool shapes in between. great cold looking colors.