Monday, February 16, 2009

Three illustrations

This first one is about the terminator gene that was developed to prevent plants from producing seeds. I thought of female plants cutting and tying each others fallopian tubes.

This article talked about how Rwanda is building its country's economy by weaving baskets and selling them to Macy's.
This last one is about Josef Mengele, a Nazi scientist who was on a mission to make the perfect race out of twins. He fled to a small town in Brazil where he continued his experiments on twins and now, one in every 5 pregnancies in that town, are twins.
Heres a three hour figure painting from thursday's class.
Comments and critiques please

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Anonymous said...

i think you have a real good eye for color, but i think the shoulder compare to the hip is a little off. i think the hip should be wider(unless that's just how the model looked).