Thursday, February 26, 2009

two figs

this was from last week, 3 hour painting.

this was another 3 hour painting, done at fews last wednesday.

I know these arent illustrations but they can still be critiqued

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Anonymous said...

with the first on, i think its a pretty good attempt for a 3 hour pose. There is a nice flow to this one. I could see those colors being in the figure and working great,but i think the transitions should be more subtle. I dont know how the pose was, but there isnt a strong sense of light.I do see variation of brushwork, but I feel that needs to be pushed more like in the legs for example. They're all the same brush strokes going in the same direction of the same width. However if you were trying to down play the importance of the legs, then I could understand the repeated brushwork. I'm just not sure what the focus of the painting is b/c the whole piece is painted with the same amount of detail.

I think that the second one, same thing about the transition of color. In the arm (to our right) I think the value is appropriate, but the colors start to get kinda muddy. I think you were a lot more successful with the color in the leg there. The hand is a bit too small which makes the finger a bit odd. I'm not sure about the anatomy where the leg is, but it was a 3 hour pose. There is a good sense of weight to the figure. The composition isnt bad and the negative shapes are nice.
Overall i think they were good attempts for the time given.